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Aug 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
family film, go see percmy stand-up is. i'm from detroit. you know what i'm saying? >> wendy: by the way, hear abou. >> how, how are we bankrupt? >> wendy: how does that happen? oh, my gosh. >> our mayor went to jail. >> wendy: and we were promised that it was going to be better once they gave you the bailout money. >> the zoo. >>endy: the zoo. >> i took my daughter to the zoo. the lions had receding >> wendy: i can't. >> sorry. crackheads in cages? this is -- sorry. i'm sorry. >> wendy: ah! >> we didn't have lions. we just had a dude in a cage lying about the animals we used to have. where are the penguins at, man? they flew away. >> wendy: look. at the b.e.t. awards, somethin happened to him. wardrobely3z speaking. that most women gag over. not one, but three of them had the same sweater on. it was a versace sweater. >> versace, versace. >> wendy: it's jay cole, dj drama and our friend brandon. >> this is what happened. that damn sweater. >> wendy: i googled it, $850. >> not jt that. first of all, versace was having two for one was light-skinned. i style myself because i don't want to
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1